The work plan of SOCIOTAL makes not only provision for the primary technical research activity, but is complemented with adequate activities for engagement with relevant stakeholders and field trials - in order to maximise the impact of the proposed technical work. The figure below provides an overview of the structure of the work plan, which is broken down into seven work packages (WPs) with the following main purpose:

  • WP1 frames the technical work by providing a coherent architectural vision for the project and rich community API specifications, based on overall requirements devised from detailed set of proposed citizen- and community-centric use cases.
  • WP2 provides novel enablers to realise comprehensive decentralised framework for IoT governance and trust management which emerges as the core of the SOCIOTAL architecture, making sure that information and data access and management respect user-defined privacy policies, while minimising required user interventions
  • WP3 enforces the policies, the governance and trust when data and information is shared across devices through the provision of a privacy-aware context-sensitive communication framework and by providing novel device centric enablers to support identity and trust management as well as secure communication.
  • WP4 aims to empower the citizen to easily access their IoT devices and corresponding information providers and service developers to deploy efficient IoT based services for communities. The WP aims to integrate the innovations and research outcomes of WP2/3 into a holistic platform
  • WP5 shapes and executes field trials and experiments for the practical evaluation of the proposed solutions and defines pilot services addressing true societal needs in the two partner cities, which demonstrate the usefulness of the created SOCIOTAL platform to the citizens, cities and developers.
  • WP6 is a crucial element in order to ensure the impact of the project by closely engaging, from the beginning of the project, with a diverse set of stakeholders and by implementing an effective dissemination strategy.
  • WP7 performs the administrative and financial management of the project and coordinates the RTD activities of the different WPs with the help of the WP leaders.