SocIoTal with a strong representation at the IoT Week 2015 in Lisbon

The SocIoTal project showed a strong presence at the IoT Week 2015 in Lisbon. The team demonstrated the first integration of the SocIoTal enablers at the demo-booth (see here). Our Community Manager organised and chaired two highly successful sessions on Retail and IoT and IoT Privacy and Society . Other partners were involved as panel members in different sessions.

Guildford IoT meetup #11 - the biggest so far

The 11th IoT meetup in Guildford was so far the one with the highest number of participants, going beyond the 55 pre-registered meetup-ers there were altogether some 70 attendees following and discussing on presentations by Samsung, eseye, flexeye and Zebra Technologies. Holding the meetup in the newly build 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey may also have helped attracting the audience. see more here.